Mental Health

From taster sessions to more in-depth workshops, see below for some examples of what we can provide for your company.

One-hour ‘Introduction to Mental Health in the Workplace’ workshop

There are lots of courses out there, but very few include tried and tested practical exercises taught by coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists. We strip away the unnecessary diversions, and tell you what you really need to know to stay healthy.

Two-hour ‘Boosting Mental Health in the Workplace’ workshop

This includes all the basics as above, but includes lots of group exercises to really embed the learning. Under expert guidance, there are opportunities to practice skills such as listening and mood mapping, which are known to make a big difference to those who may be struggling.

We take a much more proactive approach to mental health at work than most other training providers. The conventional approach can sometimes be counterproductive, especially if trainers don’t have a relevant, professional background.

In some cases, mental health first aid training can even pathologise the subject area with the use of psychiatric labels. This approach can actually increase the stigma around mental health, rather than the intended aim of reducing it. Nobody wants that!

To maintain good mental health, our qualified professionals teach techniques for boosting mood and wellbeing. Our workshops can be tailored to specific groups of employees, executives, or even whole departments, depending on your organisational needs.

Many training providers rely on minimally trained mental health first aiders. We only use fully qualified, experienced counsellors and psychotherapists, stress management specialists, mindfulness trainers, and performance coaches.