Mind Harmony is a leading provider of full, science-based eight-week mindfulness programmes, workshops, and mindfulness meditation sessions at workplaces across the UK.

We offer individual mindfulness sessions to those in stressful roles, such as CEOs, directors, managers and partner. Our mindfulness trainers are fully qualified, follow best practice guidelines, and take great pride in their work.

One-hour ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’

Why not start here? This one-hour session explains the science and benefits of mindfulness, and gets practical straight away so participants can have the experience that only doing it can bring.

Not only is this popular workshop relaxing, it is also informative and a great way of introducing mindfulness to your employees.

Weekly Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

If your employees would like to make mindfulness a workplace habit to enhance their creativity and productivity, arranging weekly sessions is the way forward. Often taking place in at lunchtime, these 45-minute guided meditation group sessions are highly effective.

We know from experience that groups are hugely appreciative and find it makes them calm for the rest of the day.

Eight-week mindfulness course

If you’re interested in a truly transformative course for your employees that will teach them life-long skills for the workplace, this is the one to opt for. This comprehensive Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course is spread over eight weeks, with a 90-minute session each week at your offices.

This format has been clinically proven to physically change the state of the brain. The science behind it shows that it enhances self-awareness and emotional regulation. The course is for up to 18 participants. All course materials and mindfulness meditations on audio are provided.

One-to-one mindfulness sessions

These sessions can be a highly effective option for CEOs, directors, partners, managers or employees in stressful roles. The benefits are both immediate and long-term, positively affecting sleep, enhancing mood, and building resilience.