Stress and Conflict Reduction

The options below are standalone workshops or can be taken as a package.

90-minute ‘Reduce Stress and Build Resilience’ workshop

This workshop focuses on the practical measures we can take to reduce stress in our working lives. Participants will find out what their own unique stress triggers are and how to manage their responses.

90-minute ‘Achieving Conflict-free Communication’ workshop

This is proving highly popular and draws on therapeutic approaches to dissolve conflict by understanding hidden, underlying needs. You’ll never look at communication in quite the same way after doing this course.

It is all very well talking about stress and citing statistics, but we go one step further by teaching the techniques that make a real difference in everyday life. We help participants manage their stress levels and overcome any unhelpful reactions.

In addition, we also recognise that relationships at work can be very stressful at times, either between line managers and their subordinates, or between colleagues. This is why one of our workshops focuses on how we can achieve conflict-free communication in the workplace – yes, it’s possible but they don’t teach it at school!