Workplace Counselling

Whatever level of ongoing workplace counselling support you need, we have a solution to meet your needs.

A day of in-house counselling as part of a ‘wellbeing week’

This is an ideal thing to build into a wellbeing week you already have planned. People can easily arrange a session, use it as a health check, and be signposted appropriately. It may be their first taste of counselling, nudge them into better mental health, or even put them on the road to recovery.

Monthly in-house counselling

This helps staff build a relationship with their counsellor for ongoing issues to ensure they stay on top of things, whatever the pressures.

Weekly in-house counselling

This is a highly effective option for staff who may need support more regularly, or where the size of a particular site or company warrants it.

Mental health in the workplace is entering a new phase, and we see the provision of in-house counselling as a key part of this. Many organisations provide telephone counselling through their Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), but the take-up rate is often low, and the service often fails to provide the full benefits of face-to-face counselling.

To address this gap, we offer 50-minute counselling sessions at your workplace. This means your staff can get to know a dedicated counsellor in real life, with the convenience of not having to travel somewhere else.

Try our workplace counselling service so your staff can meet the challenges of their jobs and stay healthy at all times. It can be a critical factor in preventing stress, anxiety and depression from affecting on-the-job performance.

There’s absolutely no need to wait until a personal crisis begins to affect the business. The preventative approach we advocate shows you care about your staff, whilst preventing many HR issues from arising in the first place.